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Xlrt is an AI-powered platform that eliminates the drudge-work by automating the extraction and contextualization of data from source PDF files, both electronic as well as scanned. Using self-learning AI models that have been trained to recognize all major GAAPs, Xlrt generates an accurate financial analysis of their customers in under 5 minutes by analyzing Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows as well as Bank Statements. Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) with commercial as well consumer loan products can now evaluate their customers’ credit worthiness in minutes. Xlrt works seamlessly with your existing credit-rule engines to accelerate your lending process.

AI in action

Xlrt’s scalable AI models have been built on robust training data.
These AI models have a dynamic feedback loop that ensures that the platform learns and adapts to the users’ preferences.

Identification of relevant
pages from documents

Extraction of Balance Sheet
& Income Statement

Tagging 'notes to accounts'
to corresponding line items



System suggested

Intelligent mapping to
standard chart of accounts

Make adjustments to
spread on MS Excel


Cognitive power

Xlrt’s AI engine understands what has been extracted by its custom OCR, and uses that knowledge to transform the customer documents into the Banks’ standardized structure.


Faster lending decisions offer an unmatched customer experience.

Minimizes human intervention by extraction and mapping to the LOS/template by automating the process.


Multiple checks and balances at every stage ensure accuracy of extraction.

Partial matches are highlighted to attract the attention of the analyst.


Reads financial statements adhering to global GAAPs.

Knowledge based extraction and mapping ensures accuracy and flexibility.


Performs financial ratio analysis, peer group comparison, industry benchmarking.

Generates rich insights and allows straight through processing of loans.

Create value for your clients with
3x better engagement

Xlrt offers modular features that increase productivity and improve customer engagement. These innovative features are compatible with legacy platforms as well as with newly commissioned systems.

Automated insights &
intelligent commentary

Peer group analysis
& industry comparison

Highly scalable
secured platform

Credit note generation &
multilingual support

Cross-sell opportunities
& future outlook

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